sprinkler of automatic watering in garden, Sprinkler Company-imageDid you know that your Woodbridge sprinkler system could actually end up saving you money year round? Automated irrigation systems are popular for a reason; they not only remove the hassle of watering your yard but are so much more efficient than manual methods that you can end up seeing a reduction in your water expenditures. Having an automated lawn sprinkler system has a host of advantages and there are plenty of reasons that you should better consider making the transition to one.

Efficiency and Lower Costs

When watering your lawn with a traditional rotating sprinkler you have to keep track of when you turned it on, and off, and keep your schedule free to handle the process manually. With an automatic sprinkler system this is a concern of the past. You can set up your sprinkler to operate at night during the cheapest times for water consumption, and it will turn itself off once the requisite watering has been done.

If you’re watering your yard more regularly, how does this end up saving you money exactly? This works by actually lowering the overall amount of water you’re going to need to water your lawn and the time that your system is spent running. Your sprinkler will run for short intervals that allow for the water to be absorbed into the ground rather than being wasted in the form of runoff.

You can avoid wasting water and keeping your costs lower by watering at only the most efficient times, and watering for shorter periods so that water is not wasted. If you water your lawn regularly using older methods, you will notice a change for the better in both consumption and the appearance of your yard.

The JWR Sprinklers Advantage

Turning to our professional lawn sprinkler company means getting the best repair, maintenance, and installation services around. We are wholly dedicated to not only providing you with the most skilled workmanship available, but also serving you with superior customer service. We have developed a strong reputation for putting the customer first.

We can provide you with a variety of lawn sprinkler services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, and backflow prevention services. We will even be able to help you get your sprinklers ready for spring with our seasonal start up services, or prepare you for freezing weather with our winter service.

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