When you call on JWR Sprinklers you are getting the service of the most experienced and dedicated lawn Sprinkler Company in the Woodbridge area. We are wholly committed to providing our customers with the absolute best customer service excellence and quality installation. You cannot go wrong in turning to our team of proven professionals, and can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best precision service each and every time.

The next time you find yourself in need of a lawn sprinkler company; do not hesitate to call JWR Sprinklers. We can answer all of your sprinkler service needs, all for an affordable rate that easily remains within the confines of your budget.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Lawn Sprinkler Repair image, SPRINKLER PROBLEMS IMAGEAt JWR Sprinklers we can handle all of your sprinkler repairs needs, and get your system working again as quickly as possible. If you’ve recently had trouble with your sprinklers, from blockages keeping them from functioning, to broken heads, we can quickly and easily provide the solution. We keep the most common repair pieces for home sprinkler systems in stock and we often even be able to resolve the issue in a single visit!



Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Lawn Sprinkler Installation photoHaving your new sprinkler system installed can be a handful, especially if you try and take care of it yourself. Considering the amount of precision work that is required to get your sprinklers up and running properly, you will need to see to it that you get the help of the Woodbridge sprinkler company. We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish and ensure that the work is done correctly.



Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Lawn-Sprinkler-Maintenance-imageGet your sprinklers ready for the spring with some routine maintenance. We will take all the steps necessary to ensure that your sprinklers work at peak efficiency and can provide a steady flow of water to your lawn whenever needed. If you haven’t had maintenance recently performed on your home sprinkler system, contact our contractors today!



Backflow Preventer Repairs, Replacement & Installation

With a single, quick visit from the expert team at JWR Sprinklers, we will address any concerns with your existing backflow devices, or install a brand new one as needed! Backflow prevention helps to protect your home’s drinking water from contamination, and is an integral part of any home system. If you suspect you might have issues with your current backflow preventer, contact us right away!



Sprinkler System Winter Service

winterPrepare your sprinkler system for winter with a visit from the professionals at your local lawn sprinkler company. We will help you take the steps needed to ensure that your sprinklers last through the winter without potential damage to your pipes that can be caused by drops in temperature. You don’t want to deal with any problems that could arise from issues such as burst pipes, or damage that could come back to haunt you when it becomes time to turn your sprinklers back on. Protect your investment with a visit from our service experts.



Lawn Sprinkler System Seasonal Start Up

SPRINKLER SYSTEMTo get your sprinkler system ready for spring, you will want to get the service of a sprinkler care professional. There’s more to our seasonal start ups than just turning the water flow back on to your sprinklers, as we will take all the steps needed to get it back in peak operational condition. We will help handle any needed repairs and conduct the necessary tests and maintenance to have prepared your sprinklers so you can enjoy a great looking lawn.



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