Sprinkler-Company imageSaving money around your Fairfax home is easy if you make the switch to an automatic irrigation system. An automated sprinkler is a great way to save on your monthly water bills, and to free up a significant amount of free time that you didn’t even know you had! Upgrading your home with new sprinklers is a fantastic quality of life improvement that every Fairfax home owner should see about making if they do not have one already.

Saving Money with Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

An automatic sprinkler system offers a myriad of advantages over traditional above ground versions, and many of these if properly understood, can help save you money year round in a variety of ways. One of these is just by correctly making use of the control box that comes with these in-ground units. Your sprinkler controls are used to set the time of day that the watering occurs as well as for how long, and by setting these properly you can actually manage the amount of water you use!

Also consider cutting back on how long you water, which is especially important if there are drought conditions going on. You can make certain to water later in the day as well, when consumption costs are generally lower; many homeowners prefer to water at night, since the automatic system takes care of and runs itself!

Having your system undergo routine maintenance is a necessary step when owning an automatic irrigation system, but these fees are generally quite small, and can help stave off more expensive repair costs that could otherwise occur due to neglect and malfunction. Avoid these costs and keep your expenses low by getting the service of a professional lawn sprinkler company.

The JWR Sprinklers Advantage

If you are after the absolute best in repair, maintenance, and installation services around, you cannot go wrong in turning to the lawn sprinkler professionals at JWR Sprinklers. We are focused on providing you with the most reliable workmanship and superior customer service available. We have developed a strong reputation for putting the customer first, and take great pride in our work within Fairfax.

We offer a wide-variety of sprinkler services, including installation, repairs, maintenance, and backflow prevention services. We can even help protect your sprinkler systems from the winter and spring both with our seasonal preparation services.

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