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Dumfries Sprinkler Repair | Lawn Sprinkler Company Dumfries, VA


Sprinkler-Company-photoWere you aware that you could enjoy lower energy bills and a great looking yard with ease after having a Dumfries sprinkler system installed? There’s a reason that automatic irrigation systems are incredibly popular, and it has to do with much more than just eliminating the hassle of dealing with old rotating sprinklers that you have to babysit to avoid wasting water. An automatic system can help you save a great deal of time and completely eliminate the need for constant oversight when watering your lawn, but it will also reduce the amount of money that you spend on your water bills as well!

Conserve Water & Time with a Dumfries Lawn Sprinkler

Watering your Dumfries lawn with an older sprinkler can be a serious hassle, requiring you to remember when you turned it on, to turn it off at the appropriate time to avoid oversaturating your lawn, and then there is the trouble of moving it around to water each section of your yard. Watering your lawn can easily become a chore that eats up a significant amount of your free time and ends up being an event that you have to plan the rest of your daily schedule around. However, with a brand new automatic sprinkler system installed you will never have to worry about this nuisance ever again.

Automatic sprinkler systems can be set to run during any time of the day and for the needed intervals to make certain that your lawn is properly watered. The timer allows you to cut back on wasteful problems that can easily occur, such as runoff and over-saturation, both of which are harmful to your lawn and your water bill! By setting your new sprinkler system to rotate between sections for short intervals you give the ground just enough time to properly absorb the water, and use less in the process than you would otherwise.

Lowering your monthly water costs is one of the great benefits that our timed sprinkler systems can provide to Dumfries customers looking for a greener alternative. You can easily improve both the appearance of your lawn and lower the amount of time you spend maintaining it with a call to the professional contractors at JWR Sprinklers.

The JWR Sprinklers Advantage

You can get the best repair, maintenance, and installation services around when you turn to the experts at JWR Sprinklers. We are completely determined to provide you with the best workmanship and superior customer service solutions. We believe in putting the customer first and will do so every time.

We offer a variety of services for our Dumfries customers including backflow prevention services, as well as spring startup and winter preparation to keep your sprinkler safe from potential dangers such as freezing pipes. You cannot go wrong in choosing to turn to the pros at JWR Sprinklersfor all your sprinkler system needs.

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